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Tribune. The Head of State made it very clear that vaccination against the Covid-19 virus was the only solution to overcome this devastating epidemic. He also insisted on the importance of the Covid health pass, by increasing the places and situations where it will be mandatory, and decided to impose vaccination on all caregivers, by prohibiting refractories from looking after the sick, in the city. or in hospital, and imposing unpaid leave of absence or other penalties.

Here are very courageous decisions, it must be admitted, whatever the political or societal convictions of the French. Denigrating these on principle makes no sense, and is not responsible. The Academies of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Federation of Medical Specialties, several political leaders, and the 100 people who sign this platform have all pleaded in recent days for a vaccination imposed on the entire French population and remain on this position.

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Emmanuel Macron made it clear that it might be necessary to come to this radical solution, but that he preferred, initially, to trust the civic spirit of the inhabitants of our country. This does not lack panache, but it is not sure that the virus is sensitive to it! However, we will know very quickly if he was right (Mr. Macron, not the virus) not to switch to the “sport” version, the one which made it possible to move even faster towards collective immunity.

Stop sterile, ridiculous or even shameful quarrels

The rapid increase in new cases, more than 12,500 per day, very often linked to the Delta variant, is really scary, especially since young patients are affected, sometimes with overwhelming forms. For many of our fellow citizens, therefore, there is a lack of understanding and concern, which lead to a certain radicalization of attitude.

It will be very important to analyze the reactions of the various trades, in particular caregivers, political forces, and citizens of our country to the measures taken by the government to fight against this virus. Let us see if, faced with the serious threat to humanity posed by SARS-CoV-2, French citizens and the various political or scientific forces will succeed in finally joining forces, and in putting an end to the sterile, ridiculous or even shameful quarrels that we are currently seeing.

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We absolutely do not want to play politics in this forum, but the very first virulent reactions of certain parties unfortunately do not bode well. The demonstration on Saturday July 17 brought together 114,000 people throughout France, that is to say roughly the number of deaths in France since the start of the epidemic. Certain totally unacceptable behaviors or remarks were reported. Definitely, it is very difficult to obtain a consensus in our country, even when it has such a large number of deaths to deplore and that the world public health is so seriously threatened.

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