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The disciplinary process against some of the soldiers who had signed the forums published in the magazine Current values between late April and early May began to be implemented. A month after the chief of staff of the armed forces, General François Lecointre, was pressured by the executive to announce sanctions against these violators of the duty of reserve, summons were sent, and a number of hearings took place, learned The world, Friday, with the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

These texts, sometimes signed anonymously by certain retired and active officers, had aroused intense controversy. The first, published on April 21, called in particular for“Intervention” of the army for the “Protection [des] civilizational values ​​”. The second, transformed into a petition, strongly insisted on the risks considered important to ” civil war “. Texts that had uncomfortable large circles within defense circles, many, traditionally anchored to the right, partly sharing the observation made in these forums but disapproving of the process and the words used.

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Many servicemen would have preferred to wash dirty laundry as a family, but the politicization of the matter led to a formal disciplinary process. A month later, summons signed by the Minister of the Armed Forces on May 21 were sent on May 25 to six of the generals who had signed the first platform. These 2S or “OG2S” general officers, as they are called in military jargon, are all elderly retirees. But their prestigious OG2S status still binds them statutorily to the institution. It is for this reason that they were considered as subject to the duty of reserve.

Long and standardized procedure

These six generals are those who have publicly, in the media, assumed the signature of the first platform and put forward their rank on this occasion. In the summons sent to them, the Ministry of the Armed Forces considers that this forum “Accusatory, outrageous and controversial”, at “Focused on the future of national cohesion and security” and a “Engaged the image of the armies”. Among these signatories, the three-star general Emmanuel de Richoufftz, former aide-de-camp to Pierre Mauroy in the early 1980s, has already indicated that he would not respond to this summons.

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The mail which was addressed to these generals follows a long procedure and very standardized by the code of defense. This letter first summons them before a “Higher council” discipline, composed of active general officers belonging to the same armed force as them (land, sea, or air). This higher council is not permanent, and it meets at the request of the minister. During his hearing by this council, the officer in question can put forward his point of view, accompanied by a defender, who can be a lawyer.

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