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In a context of a global crisis, linked in particular to the Covid-19 pandemic, representatives of governments and organizations are meeting in Moscow to discuss the future of international order and security issues.

  • Wednesday 23 June

  • Tuesday 22 June

The ninth edition of the Moscow Conference on International Security opens in the Russian capital on June 23. Ministers, representatives of international organizations, experts and members of think tanks will meet in Russia to address the various issues related to international security and defense policies.

Like many other international summits, the Moscow Conference on International Security is taking place this year in a particular health context. “The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world has caused significant changes in the system of international contacts, reinforcing many of the existing contradictions. We are witnessing the way in which a new world order is being formed and new forms of interaction in the field of security, ”the Russian Defense Ministry explained in a press release presenting the meeting.

If this conference had been canceled last year due to restrictions linked to Covid-19, the prospect of a gradual victory over the virus, in particular made possible by vaccination, allows this year to put the dialogue between different countries and international security issues.

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