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Breaking news | 44 pounds of cocaine-soaked cereal seized in Cincinnati port

Breaking news

Customs and border protection officers working this month in the Port of Cincinnati seized 44 pounds of cereal flakes that may have been “frosted,” but not with sugar.

The agency’s “drug dog” Bico was the first to warn that something was wrong with the shipment from Peru, officials said.

When officers opened a box marked “Corn Flakes,” the contents included a white powder and a grayish coating, according to a press release. Tests confirmed that the contents included cocaine.

Corn flakes coated with cocaine.CBP Chicago via Twitter

The final destination of the shipment was a private residence in Hong Kong.

Smugglers will be hiding narcotics in anything imaginable, Cincinnati Port Manager Richard Gillespie said in a press release praising his team’s work in finding the unusual reserve.

The 44 pounds of cereal containing the drug is said to have a market value of more than $ 2.5 million.

On a typical day in 2020, CBP said, an average of 3,677 pounds of drugs were seized at U.S. ports of entry.

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