breaking news 2nd departmental round 2021: results in Morbihan, canton by canton – Departmental elections

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The second round of departmental 2021 was held on Sunday June 27, a week after the first round. The second round of regional elections also took place this Sunday. A double ballot therefore, less than a year from the 2022 presidential election.

How is the ballot for the departmental elections carried out? Since 2015, candidatures have been made in pairs: voters vote for a duo which must be composed of a woman and a man.

Our live on the 2021 elections in Brittany

The second round of departmental elections, on June 27, 2021, concerns the 102 cantons of administrative Brittany. The pairs elected in each canton then proceed to the election of the president of
Departmental Council.

In the list below, find the results of the second round of 2021 departmental elections in Morbihan canton by canton. This list is updated according to the publication of the results by the departmental prefectures. An update which could be late because of the double ballot of the day, but also of the shortage of assessors to proceed with the counting in certain polling stations.

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