Breakdown of Champions League earnings: how much do the winners earn in 2021?

The UEFA Champions League is the most lucrative cup competition in the world. It is a financial change for clubs all over Europe to qualify for competition in their national leagues.

The 2021 Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City will also offer the winner the biggest prize at any stage in the competition.

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2021 Champions League final prize

The Champions League finalists will each receive $ 18.3 million, but the winner will take an additional $ 4.88 million to automatically qualify for the UEFA Super Cup, a single game against the UEFA winner Europa League, Villarreal CF.

The table below shows the details of the allocations for the current 2020-2021 edition of the Champions League. Making the group stage alone is enough for all 32 clubs to automatically cash in $ 18.6 million. The more matches won in the group stage and the more a team progresses, the greater the financial rewards.

This season alone, Manchester City and Chelsea have already collected $ 75.2 million and $ 73 million, respectively, before taking into account the prize money that goes to them in the final.

Step Prize money
Winner $ 23.2 million
Finalist $ 18.3 million
Semi-finalists $ 14.6 million
Quarter finalists $ 12.8 million
round of 16 $ 11.6 million
Group stage wins $ 3.3 million each
Group draws $ 1.1 million each
Group stage $ 18.6 million

The Champions League jackpot increases

Starting with the 2021-2022 edition, there will be an increase in financial incentives for clubs, according to an Associated Press report.

Each Champions League club will receive $ 19.1 million just for reaching the group stage (vs. $ 18.6 million guaranteed for the group stage in 2020-21).

The 32 clubs that make up the group stage will share a total of $ 2.44 billion, against 2.38 billion dollars.

The return of supporters to the stadiums will be a further boost, with each club keeping the proceeds from the doors (while also covering the hospitality expenses of each match outside the final).

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