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brain implant clinical trials confirmed for 2022
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brain implant clinical trials confirmed for 2022
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After electric cars, space and tunnels, billionaire Elon Musk is also interested in the brain with his startup Neuralink. The idea is to prepare future interfaces that will directly connect the brain to the network and electronic equipment for more direct communication.

In the shorter term, this could make it possible to create implants helping disabled people to recover functions or control equipment by thought.

Credit: Neuralink

Last month, the businessman mentioned the possibility of launching clinical trials from 2022 to test brain implants on humans, after trials on various animals.

This phase could well be initiated this year if we are to believe the job offers recently published by Neuralink which put the company in search of a director of clinical trials in charge of conducting human implant trials.

The position is offered in Fremont (California) and will allow the lucky winner to be in contact with the best doctors and engineers in this field and to be able to train the team that will carry out clinical research activities, indicates Bloomberg.

Neuralink will need to obtain FDA certifications (Food and Drug Administration) to carry out its experiments, with several steps to be validated before the actual tests.

brain implant clinical trials confirmed for 2022
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