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Boris Johnson’s father wants French nationality – RT en français

Stanley Johnson, the father of the British Prime Minister, calls himself “European” and claims French citizenship by descent. The UK’s official exit from the European Union will take effect on December 31 at 11 p.m. London.

Is Boris Johnson’s father a pebble in his son’s shoe? If the British Prime Minister, champion of Brexit which comes into force on December 31 after years of negotiations, his father does not seem animated by the same ideas.

“I will always be European, that’s for sure”, declared, in French, Stanley Johnson at the microphone of RTL on December 31, a few hours before the entry into force of Brexit. “You cannot say to the English: you are not Europeans. Europe is more than the common market, it is more than the European Union, but having said that, having a link with the European Union is important, ”added Stanley Johnson.

Boris Johnson’s father explains in this regard carrying out the necessary procedure to obtain French citizenship. Writer and former MEP Stanley Johnson says in fact claiming what he feels is owed to him: “It is not a question of becoming French. If I understood correctly, I am French. My mother was born in France, her mother was entirely French, and her grandfather too. So for me, it’s a question of claiming what I already have, ”he told RTL.

On December 30, the British Prime Minister and the leaders of the European Union signed the post-Brexit agreement reached to frame the historic rupture. The 1,246-page compromise, announced on Christmas Eve to avoid the no-deal, comes into effect on December 31 at 11 p.m. London time and GMT (midnight in Brussels). The UK will end its 47 year presence in the European Union.