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Body weighted with a concrete block in Rennes: judicial information opened on Tuesday – Rennes

The identity of the man found, Friday, September 10, floating in the pond of Apigné in Rennes “has not been established with certainty,” said Philippe Astruc, Rennes prosecutor at Le Télégramme. While awaiting the DNA results, investigators from the Rennes judicial police are continuing their investigations and verifications.

According to the first elements, the man found weighted with a concrete block died of numerous injuries, his back in particular showed signs of blows, before being immersed in one of the ponds of Apigné. If his identity is confirmed, it could be a 29-year-old man, known to the police for numerous criminal acts.

His disappearance reported on September 6

The disappearance of this man had been reported in Angers on September 6. He had not given any sign of life since September 3. To continue the investigations, a judicial investigation will be opened and an investigating judge appointed tomorrow, Tuesday, September 14.

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