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Blue Jays: John Schneider thanks his players… and the beer


The last few weeks have been incredible for the Toronto Blue Jays. The only Canadian team in major league baseball is doing everything it can to stay in the playoff picture, and during these stressful times, it’s better to have a beer in hand.

At least that was manager John Schneider’s opinion after his team completed a sweep of the Boston Red Sox on Sunday night.

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“It’s not fun in any way, but that’s our situation right now. You must be able to leave the past behind and focus on each encounter. The roller coaster of emotions is arduous. And you know, I would like to thank the Left Field brewery for providing us with good beer,” he said, bursting out laughing, at a press conference.

Left Field is a popular restaurant with baseball fans because its owners named many of its drinks after the sport. Schneider has already collaborated with the company to brew a beer there, Frozen Rope IPA.

Except that there is truth in this little publicity stunt. The coach had just seen his men being outclassed by the Texas Rangers for four games, and the hopes of seeing the Jays (83-67) in the playoffs had diminished greatly. With their three wins over the Sox, they are back in the race for drafted teams in the American League.

“I liked the way they played the whole series,” Schneider said, according to It was hard-fought, our pitchers were great and our defense was exceptional, with enough offense to produce at the right time. It could have gone either way with the Texas series, and these guys took their game up a notch. This is what they had to do. »

The same refrain

Throughout this 2023 season, Toronto has seemed to be both in the driver’s seat and on the precipice. Inconsistency and a few injuries played tricks on the Blue Jays. Now it’s about finishing the regular season on the right foot.

“That’s how the whole year has been: a lot of ups and downs for us,” said Matt Chapman, the scorer of Monday night’s winning point. We get swept away and then we sweep someone away. With all this focus on the importance of each win, it was nice to forget about that series against Texas and do better against Boston, who had our number earlier this season. »

The Jays’ next opponents will be the New York Yankees, another sectional rival who has given them trouble. The Bronx Bombers have won four of seven meetings, but their two series came in April and May.

The representatives of the Queen City, however, have an interest in delivering the goods, because half of their last 12 meetings are against the Yankees and the rest, against the Tampa Bay Rays.