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Blinken grilled over Afghan withdrawal as critics call it an “absolute disaster of epic proportions”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified before Congress on Monday defending Washington’s management of the end of the country’s 20-year presence in Afghanistan.

Blinken repeated President Joe Biden’s argument that the United States had to choose between escalation or withdrawal.

Republicans toast Blinken on what they called an “absolute disaster of epic proportions.”

Republican MP Michael McCaul called the rapid withdrawal from Kabul a “debacle, catastrophe and betrayal”.

Meanwhile, Secretary Blinken has defended the actions of the Biden administration in recent months in Afghanistan.

He said: “We inherited a deadline, but not a plan from the Trump administration.”

Blinken tried to keep attention on the largest human airlift in history, which saw 125,000 people evacuated.

But attention has returned to those who have been left behind.

Blinken said he was in constant contact with US citizens on the ground in Afghanistan. He said he would appoint a senior official to oversee the continued efforts to get them out of Afghanistan.

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