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Bitcoin catapulted to $ 1.4 million?  An exchange platform targeted by hackers – RT in French

Simultaneously with the historic rise of Bitcoin at the end of the year, the price of this cryptocurrency (as well as that of Ether and Ripple) was momentarily catapulted to unprecedented heights on an exchange platform targeted by hackers.

As noted on December 29, 2020 by the French-speaking site specializing in cryptocurrencies Cryptoast, the Russian exchange platform Livecoin was the subject of a hacker attack two days before Christmas, temporarily catapulting the price of Bitcoin to astronomical heights, up to nearly $ 1.4 million per unit, according to some screenshot

The attack in question was also the subject of an article on the French version of the ZDNet site, specializing in the economics of new technologies. “Before Livecoin administrators managed to regain access to some of their systems, at the end of the day on December 24, the exchange rate had passed. […] over $ 450,000 p[our un] Bitcoin; the price of Ether had passed […]to 15,000 dollars and that of Ripple had increased from 0.27 dollars to more than 17 dollars, relates ZDNet, according to which the hackers at the origin of the operation would have managed to cash in gigantic profits on the platform.

“Even if some have managed to sell their cryptocurrencies at these absolutely amazing prices, withdrawals from the platform have been cut in parallel,” Cryptoast said.

As of this writing, the Livecoin exchange platform remains inaccessible to users. “Livecoin has announced that it has informed the police,” ZDNet reports.