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BioSteel, Mike Cammalleri’s company, owes a huge amount


Sports drink company BioSteel filed for creditor protection last week, with the company co-founded by former hockey player Mike Cammalleri owing a total of more than $439 million.

The list of creditors was made public by the consulting firm KSV, which made it possible to know all the manufacturers, distributors and sellers who did business with BioSteel.

The company owes tens of thousands of dollars to several sports teams, including the Carolina Hurricanes, Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers. The big losers, however, are the United States Soccer Federation ($675,765), the Miami Heat ($953,368) and the Los Angeles Lakers ($2,564,275).

NHL Enterprises, which belongs to the National Hockey League, was also to receive $8.7 million.

Cammalleri, who wore the uniform of the Montreal Canadiens between 2009 and 2012, founded BioSteel with entrepreneur John Celenza in 2009. The name of the 41-year-old Ontarian is also one of the creditors, for a sum of approximately $12,000.

BioSteel has been owned since 2019 by Canopy Growth, a company specializing in cannabis products. However, it withdrew its financing and the search for a new owner has reportedly begun.