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Biden is absolutely right in defending Ukraine in its war against Russia

President Joe Biden may not be right often, but his remarks on Ukraine Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly proved a welcome exception.

“Sovereignty, territorial integrity, human rights – these are the fundamental principles of the Charter of the United Nations, the pillars of peaceful relations between nations, without which we cannot achieve any of our goals,” he said. Biden reminded world leaders.

“This has not changed” and “must not change”.

Yet Russia continues to wage “an illegal, unprovoked war of conquest by Russia against its neighbor Ukraine.”

Russia alone bears full responsibility.

Vladimir Putin hopes the world will “get tired” and finally let him “brutalize Ukraine without consequence.”

If this is the case, no country can “confidence” in its security: “If we allow Ukraine to be divided, is the independence of a nation assured?

Precisely: the world must “resist aggression today and deter other potential aggressors tomorrow.”

It is “an investment in the future of every country that aspires to a world governed by fundamental rules that apply equally to all nations and uphold the rights of every nation, regardless of its size.” »

Sadly, some people (including, shamefully, Republicans) meet Putin’s expectations and falter as time passes (and costs rise).

Once again: if America and the West collapse, they go they are the ones who will pay the price later.

Kudos to Biden for standing his ground and pressing his case.

Russia cannot be allowed to win.