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Biden comes to California to help Newsom fight recall

President Joe Biden on Monday provided last-minute help to California Governor Gavin Newsom, who is only the fourth governor in U.S. history and the second in California to face a recall election.

The only other time a recall election was held in California, in 2003, voters removed Democratic Governor Gray Davis and replaced him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. The vote ends Tuesday in a race that could oust Newsom, a first-term Democrat, and it is being watched ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, when oversight of Congress and more than half of the governors are on the line.

“We can show the rest of the nation that we won’t let Republicans roll back our state,” Newsom tweeted. “Make sure your voice is heard. VOTE NO.”

Amateur Republican political organizers unhappy with Newsom’s approach to crime, homelessness and immigration launched the recall campaign in early 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic brought it to the polls. Newsom was the first governor in the country to issue a statewide home support order that closed many businesses for months and barred children from entering classrooms.

“There is no front I can think of where this man has done a good job – not on schools, not on the homeless, not in the way he closed this state,” Larry Elder, a host conservative radio station and Republican leader. in the polls, said Monday during a campaign shutdown.

Elder planned events in Southern California ending with an election watch rally in Orange County that would occur as Newsom campaigned with Biden just north in Long Beach.

Tuesday is the last day to vote. Almost 8 million Californians have already voted by mail. Republicans tend to be more skeptical of postal voting, especially since former President Donald Trump has suggested it leads to fraud, so recall organizers are hoping Newsom’s critics come forward. in large numbers for in-person voting on election day.

Voters are asking themselves two questions: should Newsom be recalled, yes or no, and who should replace him? The results of the second question only matter if a majority wants to remove Newsom. Recent polls from the Public Policy Institute of California and others have shown that Newsom has beaten the recall.

The recall’s lead organizer Orrin Heatlie said Newsom’s appeal to Biden to campaign with him shows Democrats are concerned. He says neither Biden nor Trump should weigh in on the contest because it is about California issues.

“It’s a matter between the people of California and their governor and really has nothing to do with the federal government; and the president, with all due respect, should mind his own business, ”Heatlie said.

Meanwhile, he said Trump’s statement on Monday calling the election rigged was “more damaging than the fraud itself.”

“When people aren’t confident, if they don’t believe their vote is going to count, then they’re not going to waste their time voting,” Heatlie said.

There has been no confirmed evidence of widespread fraud.

Biden planned to tour the wildfire damage in northern California before heading south to rally with Newsom. His appearance underscores the importance for Democrats to serve as governor in the country’s most populous state and as the primary laboratory for progressive politics.

Vice President Kamala Harris, from California, campaigned with Newsom last week and former President Barack Obama taped a TV commercial calling for not to proceed with the recall.

“Gavin Newsom can get all the people in Washington he wants, but this election is a referendum on governor failures,” said former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer, another Republican candidate to replace Newsom.

Businessman John Cox, a Republican who lost severely to Newsom in 2018, campaigned outside the French Laundry, the upscale Napa Valley restaurant where Newsom was caught attending a party. birthday last fall in violation of his administration’s coronavirus rules.

State Assembly Member Kevin Kiley has scheduled campaign stops in Southern California. No prominent elected Democrat is running. YouTube creator Kevin Paffrath is the best known of the nine Democrats on the ballot.


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