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Bey baby: Woman gives birth at Beyoncé’s birthday concert at SoFi Stadium


ByEric Resendiz

Thursday, September 7, 2023 6:01 a.m.

Bey baby: Woman gives birth at Beyoncé’s birthday concert at SoFi Stadium

LOS ANGELES– It was Labor Day and Beyoncé’s birthday, so what better time for a heavily pregnant fan to give birth?

It turned out to be the perfect combination for Sarah Francis Jones and Marcel Spears.

Sarah was due for a C-section about a week later — so she definitely didn’t want to miss Beyoncé’s show at SoFi Stadium.

And she was fine for a while.

Until Beyoncé launched “Virgo’s Groove”. And that’s when baby Nola let it be known that she wanted to come out and join in the fun.

“It must have been a perfect coincidence,” a happy Sarah said the next day from the hospital. “We’re at Beyoncé’s birthday concert, Labor Day. And then I started giving birth, with my Virgo baby. I’m a Virgo. So that made sense.”

When the labor pains started, Sarah thought it might be false contractions since she wouldn’t give birth for a while. And of course, she didn’t want to miss the rest of the show.

But as they were walking home, she told Marcel: no, they were real and we better get to the hospital right away.

“I was nervous,” recalls Marcel. “It was my first baby. So I was like, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right. I may or may not have gone through some red lights by accident. Please don’t get caught up. I’m just trying to get my baby to the hospital.

Sarah and Marcel are both actors. She was in “Hairspray,” among other movies, and he was on the TV shows “The Neighborhood” and “The Mayor.”

And now their barely one-day-old daughter has also made her TV debut, not to mention social media fame.

Nola owes its name to Marcel’s birthplace, New Orleans. And they have a message for Beyoncé: the role of godmother to their daughter is still available!

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