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Beverly Hills bans young people from using silly strings in public on Halloween

Young Beverly Hills pranksters aren’t allowed to brandish shaving cream, silly floss or hair removal gel on Halloween night, thanks to a new ordinance passed by the upscale city known for its celebrities and locals well-off.

The city adopted the new rule to create a “family-friendly Halloween experience for everyone,” Beverly Hills spokeswoman Lauren Santillana said in a statement.

If a teenager wants to wreak havoc on public property in Beverly Hills, he or she will have to do so without the aid of such aerosol products this Halloween, according to an ordinance passed Tuesday by the City Council. The Beverly Hills Police Department proposed the ordinance earlier this month, and the ban will be in effect for 24 hours and apply to anyone under the age of 21 starting at 6 a.m. on the 31st october.

The ordinance allows residents to use as many prank strings as they want on private property with the owner’s permission, according to the ordinance.

Violating the ordinance for the first time may result in a warning before police issue a citation, and violators will be asked to turn over any offending product to police, the sergeant said. Dale Drummond of the Beverly Hills Police Department said at a city council meeting earlier this month. Trash cans will also be available for people who aren’t aware of the new rule and need to get rid of their stupid string cans.

The ordinance was first introduced at the Sept. 12 council meeting and approved by the full council on Tuesday.

One of the problems resulting from using prank string, shaving cream and hair removal gel for Hollywood pranks is that large amounts of water are required to clean damaged properties and the runoff could pollute yards. water nearby, in violation of the Clean Water Act. , depending on the city.

Shaving cream can also be sprayed in a person’s eyes, Drummond said, and hair removal gel can be used maliciously on unsuspecting victims. The silly strings are colorful, but their improper use may constitute vandalism, officials said. Anyone over the age of 21 will be able to carry the aerosol products into the city, Drummond said.

Police presence in Beverly Hills will also be increased and there will be more security guards on Halloween night, according to officials. Appropriate signage will be posted and Beverly Hills Police have contacted local schools to inform them of the new rule.

Although the city did not specify the penalty for disobeying the rule, city staff said a person can be disciplined for an infraction or be charged with a misdemeanor.

“Our ultimate goal is for everyone to be able to come and enjoy Beverly Hills and be able to trick or treat,” Drummond said.


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