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Best baby monitors of 2023

Best baby monitors of 2023

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Baby monitors can help you keep an eye on your children when they are alone in their crib. But that’s not all: some new baby monitors even have features designed to help you and your newborn get a good night’s sleep.

The experts at CBS Essentials have rounded up the best baby monitors of 2023 based on features and customer reviews to give you peace of mind while your baby sleeps. There are a wide range of baby monitor options available. These include audio-only, video-only, and motion-sensing monitors. Some monitors even provide temperature change alerts.

A high-quality baby monitor is a convenient device for new parents, but combing through all the options can be a daunting task. To help you, we’ve compiled the best baby monitors to help you monitor your newborn. These instructors all have a four-star rating or higher and include tons of positive reviews from parents.

Discover the best baby monitors on the market now. We know that being a parent is expensive. That’s why we’ve found options for every budget so you can find the monitor that’s right for your family. Many of these monitors are currently on sale.

HelloBaby baby monitor with infrared night vision: 50% off

Best baby monitors of 2023


The HelloBaby monitor features a remote pan and tilt camera with zoom capabilities. It comes with a 3.2-inch LCD screen that connects securely to the camera. The monitor also automatically detects low light and enables night vision for nighttime surveillance.

The camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically for a complete view of your baby’s sleeping area. The monitor also offers room temperature monitoring and alerts to ensure your baby is comfortable during hot summers and cold winters.

“This is such a fantastic monitor and camera pair and I’m honestly quite amazed by the quality and features, especially considering the very reasonable price,” said one verified Amazon buyer.

Get it now at 50% off at Amazon by selecting the Amazon coupon. It’s only $45 (normally $90).

Benefits: This camera is a more budget-friendly option that still offers robust features. The device has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon with over 27,000 reviews. The compact monitor is easy to carry.

Inconvenience : Some reviewers experienced connectivity issues.

Owlet Dream Duo baby monitor, dream socks and HD camera: 33% off

Best baby monitors of 2023


The 4.3-star rated Owlet Dream Duo includes Owlet’s smart baby monitoring camera and a Dream Sock smart baby sensor. This is a comprehensive tracking system for parents who want to monitor their baby while tracking key health and sleep indicators.

The included Owlet cam smart baby monitor comes with an HD video camera with a wide-angle lens. It provides sound and motion alerts to the parents’ smartphone. Live video streaming is viewable over a secure encrypted network, so only approved parties can view your baby’s video footage.

The smart sock can be worn to track baby’s sleep, including how many times baby wakes up during the night, heart rate, oxygen level, sleep quality and total hours of sleep.

“I bought this for our baby’s crib transition so I could just check my phone instead of constantly jumping up to check on her in the middle of the night when I was worried,” said one reviewer. “It definitely puts my mind at ease. Plus, the sock keeps track of his sleep and predicts his next sleep window.”

Get it now for 33% off at Amazon. The duo costs $249 (usually $369).

Benefits: Includes access to Owlet’s expertly designed sleep programs. The monitor predicts baby’s next sleep time, helping parents anticipate nap needs.

Inconvenience : If your baby is actively sleeping, the sock may slip from time to time.

VTech Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with Night Vision: 29% Off

Best baby monitors of 2023


The VTech Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor features a 1080p camera with night vision capabilities. Video can be viewed on the included five-inch 720p display monitor or on your smartphone. The monitor offers two-way audio functionality, so parents can talk to their baby from anywhere. The monitor can also send motion and temperature alerts to parents.

The monitor can play soothing sounds and soothing lullabies to help your baby fall asleep. The device offers five melodies and four ambient sound settings.

“Honestly, there really are no downsides to this camera. We loved it and it’s been perfect for us. The clarity is good enough for what we need. It has night vision and you can zoom in on each baby,” said one Amazon shopper. said. “We love the sound detection feature. Our babies were very noisy sleepers, so we would turn off the volume and just turn on sound detection so we wouldn’t hear all the noises and could get some sleep.”

This device is currently 29% off on Amazon. Get it for $106 (normally $150).

Benefits: Night vision capabilities make it easy to monitor your baby while they sleep. Reviewers note that the device is easy to set up right out of the box. The camera offers pan, tilt and zoom functions to help you get the best view of your little one.

Inconvenience : The monitor received mixed reviews on its battery life.

Nanit pro complete monitoring system: 12% off

Best baby monitors of 2023


The Nanit Complete Monitoring System, rated 4.7 stars, includes an HD baby monitor with a built-in night light, as well as a monitor stand. The monitor has a 1080p camera and two-way audio. In addition to monitoring your baby’s movements, the system’s camera tracks his growth. The included flexible stand provides a 130-degree view of your baby’s sleep or play space.

The system also includes a band that tracks breathing and sheets with printed designs that make it easier to track movements. Nanit tracks your baby’s breaths per minute and sends real-time sound and motion alerts to your phone with the compatible app.

“This monitor is amazing! It’s expensive, but worth it with all the features,” says one Amazon reviewer. “The breathing band provides peace of mind for our newborn and the travel support makes it easy to switch between crib and cradle depending on bed or nap situation.”

Get it on sale for $334 (regularly $380).

Benefits: The Nanit offers a split-screen feature that allows users to view two cameras on a single screen. It can track sleep habits and send parents expert advice on how to improve their child’s sleep.

Inconvenience : This is definitely a high-end system, and therefore comes with a higher price tag.

Bonoch Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

Best baby monitors of 2023


This 4.6-star rated baby monitor comes with a camera and a 5-inch 720p monitoring screen. The monitor has two-way audio and zoom capabilities. Unlike many baby monitors, this privacy-friendly monitor does not connect via Wi-Fi. Instead, the monitor’s wireless connection ensures a secure live stream that is only transmitted to the paired monitor’s screen .

“I’ve had this baby camera for over a year now and haven’t received any complaints,” shares an Amazon customer. “The monitor lasts all day without needing to be recharged and the picture is so good. I loved everything.”

Benefits: Reviewers note that the brand’s customer service team has been very responsive when problems arise.

Inconvenience : Some reviewers report that it charges slowly.

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