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Benoît Hamon launches his pay web TV – RT in French

The former socialist minister and candidate for the 2017 presidential election has launched his internet pay-TV channel, SensTV, which he presents as an alternative to the streaming news channel CNews.

On December 29, 2020, Benoît Hamon launched SensTV, a pay-TV channel on the internet offering documentaries and interviews “sheltered from vociferations and controversy”, according to the regional councilor of Ile-de-France.

“At a time when the time of information is accelerating at the risk of shrinking, I want to suggest slowing down, putting on pause […] It’s a channel for thinking and making people think, ”said the former socialist minister to Parisian. In the Culture-Médias program on Europe 1, Benoît Hamon declared that he had launched this channel to “demonstrate that we can agree on things, that is to say have a debate that is a bit the anti-CNews, the anti-controversy: we don’t tackle, we don’t clash ”.

The SensTV subscription is billed at 4.99 euros per month. It gives access to fifty hours of documentaries on the favorite themes of the founder of the Génération.s movement: work, ecology, time, the “good life tomorrow” and “happy identities”, and to interviews led by Benoît Hamon with intellectuals, elected officials from the left or the right, trade unionists or civil society actors, as stated in the Parisian.

The unsuccessful candidate for the 2017 presidential election, however, assures us that this is not a return to politics, but a “way to stay engaged […] differently ”, always according to the Parisian. An approach that comes after the launch in September of a monthly podcast And if… to propose “always positive solutions and paths”, and the publication in October of a plea for universal income entitled What it takes courage.