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Bas-Rhin: Niederhausbergen, the village where the bicycle replaces the car




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France 2

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France 2 – S. Ricottier, N. Tahar, L. Hauville, drone images: Skypix

France Televisions

How can we make our cities more breathable? It is possible to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by cycling. In the Bas-Rhin, the village of Niederhausbergen is betting everything on two-wheelers, between cycle paths and purchase bonuses.

In the morning, it’s impossible not to come across them Niederhausbergen (Bas-Rhin). On the way to school or work, cyclists are everywhere. In this town of 1,600 inhabitants, cars are most often left in the garage. Every day, Cécile Kuehne takes her son to school on two wheels, rain or shine. She then heads back to work.

50,000 euros were invested in 10 years

A few kilometers across the field to Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), a journey she previously made by car. “It didn’t even take me 3 km. It makes me smile when I think, I didn’t have the reflex”, she says. She abandoned the car, because the town is 100% cycle-friendly. Greenways are dedicated to pedestrians and bicycles, and paths are secure on all other streets. 50,000 euros were invested in ten years. The town hall also pays a bonus of 100 euros for the purchase of an electric bike.



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