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Bachelor Nation’s Michael Allio confirms his breakup with Danielle Maltby


The sun has set Michael Allio And Danielle Maltbythe relationship.

After about a year of dating, the duo, who met on the eighth season of Bachelor in Paradise in 2022 – we broke up, Michael shared.

“It’s still incredibly fresh,” the 39-year-old said on the September 18 episode of Jason TarticIt is Trade secrets podcast. “I guess I’ll just say it: we’re not together anymore.”

Ultimately, their trip did not go as they had hoped.

“This is not what we planned,” Michael continued. “We both have a lot invested in this relationship, and it’s really horrible when it doesn’t work out. Again, like what we were talking about before, you make your plan, you see your future, you start working on it And then when things don’t work out – when you realize that love is there, but you’re not necessarily compatible – you grieve not only the loss of that person and friend in your life, but also the the future you envisioned.

Yet, they gave the relationship their all.

“It’s not her fault. She invested everything in this,” he added. “I have so much admiration. I guess that’s it right now. We’re still working on some things and trying to stay close. But yeah, the last couple months have been really tough.”