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Award-Winning Prop Trading Company Provides Up to $1 Million in Funding With Just Two Rules to Follow


In 2022, over 200,000 traders around the world have voted SurgeTrader as the best prop trading company in the industry.

Even though larger players were on the ballot, they failed to gain enough support in the vote commissioned by the Traders Union.

“SurgeTrader seeks long-term relationships with excellent traders. We set out to create an experience that makes our traders feel valued and want to set the new standard in the world of trading,” said Jana Seaman, founder and CEO of the company. A more in-depth analysis of the accessories company’s offerings confirms these words.

Traders can choose between a one- or two-phase audition and benefit from a generous 5% daily loss limit and no time limit to achieve industry standard profit targets. Traders on SurgeTrader also receive accounts with funds once qualified.

Most companies in the industry require traders to adhere to a long list of rules to maintain their place as funded traders. SurgeTrader has only two rules: the daily loss limit is 5% and the maximum loss is 8%.

Any aspiring prop trader who wishes to benefit from greater professional freedom can choose between a one- or two-phase audition during which they will trade with virtual funds. They have to show they’re serious by paying a flat audition fee, but there are no subscription fees. Click here to check the price of financing options.

The One-Phase Audition is perfect for confident traders looking to accelerate their path to a funded account. Traders receive up to $1 million in funding with maximum leverage of 20:1 and a host of add-ons to choose from. The profit target is set at 10% and there is no time limit to achieve it. The two-phase audition is an option for traders with a lower risk tolerance who want to try their luck in professional trading.

The profit target in the first phase is 8% but drops to 5% in the second phase. Leverage is 50:1, providing purchasing power rare in the sector. In addition to this, the maximum withdrawal of 8% is fixed and not progressive. So, if you choose a $100,000 account, you need to be careful not to go below $92,000. With the two-phase option, traders can secure up to $500,000 in funding.

The profit share for both options is as high as 90%, which is another way the company continues to be one of the best prop trading companies. SurgeTrader has an excellent score on Trustpilot with 1,100 reviews. If you are considering trading professionally, SurgeTrader is a great company to consider.

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