Audrey Pulvar dropped by her head of the list in Seine-Saint-Denis

New shock for Audrey Pulvar. Already weakened by the controversy over single-sex meetings, the candidate chosen by the Socialists to wear their colors in the regional campaign in Ile-de-France has just been released by an important member of his team, Bertrand Kern.

The socialist mayor of Pantin, in Seine-Saint-Denis, was to take the head of the list “Ile-de-France in common” in this department, the most to the left of the region, and the most populous after Paris. The document bearing his name had already been submitted to the prefecture. But Friday, May 12, in the middle of the day, Bertrand Kern sent an SMS to Audrey Pulvar to tell her that he was withdrawing, as revealed Le Figaro.

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“It’s a cry of alarm, explains Bertrand Kern to World. I think we are going to disaster. The regional left has not managed to unite, and we are heading straight for the re-election of Valérie Pécresse, who will use this success as a stepping stone for 2022. Perhaps there is still time to react. “

The former journalist replied with a few words that seem oddly detached: “I have already made the relevant arrangements. Nice road to you. ” On the list, Bertrand Kern could be replaced at the last minute by Mathieu Hanotin, the socialist mayor of Saint-Denis, who in 2020 conquered the city then controlled by the communists, indicate converging sources.

Tensions between socialists and others

The spectacular resignation of Bertrand Kern confirms the tensions within Audrey Pulvar’s team between socialists and non-socialists, in a particularly difficult campaign. Two subjects crystallized the oppositions. First, the composition of the lists. In Seine-Saint-Denis, the list submitted to the prefecture included only three socialist activists among the first six candidates, to make way for activists from partner parties like the PRG and to citizens not inscribed – like Audrey Pulvar herself. “I am for opening up to civil society, but it was a little unbalanced”, Judge Bertrand Kern, who thought that an outgoing Socialist elected official would obtain fifth place.

Bertrand Kern is angry with all those who have not succeeded in bringing about the union of the left

Then, it is the very strategy of the campaign that the mayor of Pantin contests, reelected in his city in the first round in 2020. For him, the left can only lose by aligning three separate lists in the first round of regional: those by Audrey Pulvar, the ecologist Julien Bayou, and Clémentine Autain (La France insoumise). He is angry with all those around Audrey Pulvar and in the other parties who have not succeeded in bringing about the union of the left. “Our programs are close, we are ready to merge in 24 hours on the evening of the first round, so why not seal the union now?, Bertrand Kern asks. By leaving disunited, we despair our voters, and we run the risk, in the worst case, that none of the three lists passes the 10% mark allowing us to participate in the second round. If we continue like this at the national level, we will have a Macron-Le Pen duel in 2022, and Le Pen can win… ”

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