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At least ten people were killed in Cali on May 28 during anti-government protests, harshly suppressed by law enforcement for a month. President Ivan Duque ordered the deployment of the army on the streets of the city.

“This is the record we have this morning”: according to the head of security in Cali, Carlos Rojas, ten people died during anti-government protests in the city on May 28. Police said eight of them were shot dead.

The violence began early in the day, when mobs lynched an investigator from the Cali prosecutor’s office. The latter had shot at demonstrators who were trying to prevent him from taking a blocked avenue, the prosecution said.

Later, videos posted on social media showed civilians firing rifles alongside police. “In the south of the city, there were scenes of confrontation and almost urban warfare, with deaths and many wounded,” said Carlos Rojas.

Cali, which has a population of more than two million, is the epicenter of violent protests and road blockades, which have been brutally cracked down by police. To the abuses of the police, condemned by the UN, are added attacks by civilians against demonstrators and even against doctors and rescuers, according to many videos.

President Ivan Duque has ordered the deployment of some 7,000 military personnel in the Cali department.

In a month of popular uprising, at least 56 deaths have been recorded in the country, according to an official count. The prosecutor’s office has established that at least 17 of these deaths are directly linked to the protests.

However, the NGO Human Rights Watch claims to have “credible testimonies” according to which the number of dead is 63.

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