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Assault on an elderly woman in the Harlem subway: letters

The problem: A 60-year-old woman was beaten with her cane in a Harlem subway station.

The 60-year-old woman who was whipped 50 times with a cane in our ‘safe’ subways, allegedly by an ex-con, never had a chance for anyone to step in to help her – not since the case of the former Marine who stood tall. and restrained another unhinged man who threatened train passengers (“Fiend was free to bully me,” September 6).

The Marine was charged with manslaughter. New Yorkers have seen what happens to good Samaritans. No good deed goes unpunished.

But Mayor Adams says the subways are safe and our fears are just a perception and not based on reality.

Joseph Valente

Staten Island

A helpless Laurell Reynolds sadly had her number called on the city’s ever-rotating wheel of violence.

It’s bad enough that the mayor repeatedly spits out arguments about the public being safer and crime down, but the fact that delusional, Holocaust denier puppets like him and the district attorney of Manhattan, Alvin Bragg, traveling safely at city expense, while seemingly impervious to depravity, is the ultimate insult.

This duo is the perfect storm of ineptitude.

Gary Kaelin, Commack

Not too long ago, Adams said subways were safer and crime was down.

One only has to look at the footage of little old Laurell Reynolds being mugged, allegedly by a career criminal, in a subway station to realize that the mayor is still glancing at New Yorkers.

For proof, wander the rat-infested streets of Times Square at your own risk, but be careful not to disturb the overwhelmed drug addicts.

If you enjoy the occasional high, go ahead and inhale the powerful aroma of marijuana around every corner.

And for all native New Yorkers, when Election Day approaches, keep in mind what Adams has brought to this very special city.

Nicolas Maffei


Is anyone shocked that no one came to the aid of the 60-year-old woman who was brutalized by an alleged repeat offender?

New Yorkers have learned through Bragg’s criminal justice that standing up for themselves and others can lead to lawsuits and accusations of racism.

And then there’s Reverend Al Sharpton, always ready to honk. This city is close to destruction.

Barbara Nolan


My heart goes out to Laurell Reynolds and her family after her horrific beatings.

Laurell lies in a hospital bed, while her alleged attacker was not initially arrested, free to potentially attack another victim.

No one went to help Laurell because everyone remembers Daniel Penny, the Good Samaritan, who faces jail for helping his fellow subway mates. Thank you, Bragg, for making New York unlivable.

JJ Levine

Miami Beach, Florida.

Why didn’t anyone step in to help Laurell Reynolds when she was beaten in a Harlem subway station? I can answer that question with two words: Alvin Bragg.

The Manhattan District Attorney locks up good Samaritans with more regularity than murderers, rapists and other dangerous criminals.

Barry Koppel

Hills of Kew Gardens

It was horrible to see how these poor women were beaten. Nobody came to help him. Someone even recorded the hits instead of helping him.

I remember when progressive Democrats were asked who would help anyone in trouble if we cut defunding the police. Their answer was that they would help each other.

Well, we saw how it happened. If you continue to vote for the same party, this is what happens.

Bruce Collins

Middletown, New Jersey

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