APS talks about a critical theory of race

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Will Critical Race Theory be taught in the state’s largest school district? The Albuquerque Public Schools School Board discussed the controversial topic at its board meeting on Wednesday night.

The APS said no changes are expected in the curriculum when it comes to critical breed theory, leaving some wondering why it is being addressed. “CRT has become a national topic in recent weeks,” said Associate Superintendent Madelyn Serna Marmol.

A new APS statement on critical race theory leaves some people in awe. “Can you tell me how many people have requested that this be dealt with?” Asked Peggy Muller Aragon, member of the board of directors.

The release says in part that the district encourages students to be critical thinkers, to respect one another and to respect diverse points of view. “So, in saying that, weren’t we valuing diversity before? Muller Aragon asked.

The statement goes on to say that the central idea of ​​critical race theory is that racism is systemic or built into the policies of the U.S. legal system, but Superintendent Scott Elder said the APS does not teach CRT . “I think some people are confused by the series of texts that we submitted for culturally appropriate literature,” Elder said.

The district said the New Mexico Department of Public Education has directed all districts to purchase “high quality, culturally appropriate educational materials.” The statement said that while the CRT is not directly referenced in the New Mexico State Social Studies Standards or the APS curriculum, some of the same themes may coincide with the CRT’s ideas. “I read your statement on CRT, which is basically endorsement coverage,” one person said during a public comment.

In Wednesday’s public comment, all four people who spoke about CRT, including parents and students, were all against it. “You teach our children to hate and to be racist,” said one parent. “My generation doesn’t need more reasons to be desperate,” said one student. “Let the children be children and take a crazy ideology out of the schools. ”

Serna Marmol said 30 to 40 people recently contacted her about this. “And we have 75,000 students, 150,000 parents and 12,000 employees,” said Muller Aragon. “I don’t see why this problem had to be fixed.

Other council members were in favor of the statement. “This is not backwards racism or some sort of attempt to manipulate the minds of young people,” said Lorenzo Garcia, vice president of the Education Council.

Lawmakers like Democratic Representative Javier Martinez argue that the CRT is nothing new. Martinez said the legislature has adopted academic standards for decades to address the diversity rooted in CRT concepts. “These are high academic standards that will really guide and help students better understand our own history,” Martinez said.

House Republican Whip Rod Montoya disagrees. “What we are doing can be considered child abuse because what we do to some children is tell them that they are nothing more than helpless victims and tell another group of children. children that they are nothing more than ruthless oppressors, ”said Montoya.

This comes as NMPED is updating its social studies standards. The NMPED said it had nothing to do with the CRT, and they have not given any direction to New Mexico school districts regarding the CRT and have no plans to do so. The statement will be presented to APS directors at a conference Thursday for their comments.


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