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A New Jersey man arrested this week in connection with the Capitol Riot texted an FBI special agent two days after the Jan. 6 attack to ask if there would be any “fallout” from his crimes. actions.

Mick Chan was arrested Tuesday, according to court records. An unsealed FBI affidavit on Wednesday says Chan contacted an FBI special agent – whose phone number he obtained from a mutual friend – on January 8, asking if he could expect any consequences before posting. his participation in the riot on Facebook.

“Someone is about to post on my behalf via fb… I will publicly know that I entered Capitol Hill,” Chan wrote, according to the affidavit. “Any fallout you think I should know about?” “

Chan allegedly told the FBI at the time that he “broke in, well, air quotes, broke” into the Capitol and that others had already broken into before he entered. Chan claimed he believed the Trump rally before the Capitol breach had been infiltrated and that members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter were the ones leading the charge on Capitol Hill.

Months later, when the FBI interviewed him in June, Chan allegedly told special agents he entered Capitol Hill with “journalistic intent.” But footage uncovered by the FBI showed Chan appearing to raise a police barricade outside the Capitol, and footage showed him turning off a surveillance camera as he entered the Capitol building.

Chan apparently went to the Capitol with an associate and his mother, and he first came to the attention of the FBI when he was tagged in a Facebook post by his associate that referred to massages at a hotel in the suburbs of DC after the attack on the Capitol.

“After all the tear gas and rubber bullets fired at us, this massage today was like heaven on earth!” the Facebook post stated. “Thank you Jesus for my masseuse! “

During his interview with the FBI in June, Chan said he was considering joining a class action lawsuit against the use of tear gas by law enforcement on January 6, when thousands of Trump supporters joined in. found illegally on the Capitol grounds which had been cordoned off by the police.

Chan faces four riot-related misdemeanor charges.


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