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Antifa activists erected barricades in Leipzig, Germany, and clashed outside police headquarters on Saturday. They demand the release of a young radical activist accused of assaulting members of the “extreme right”.

Schwarzer Block (Black Bloc) activists and other leftist groups carried lit flares as they marched towards a police headquarters.

The building was then bombarded with firecrackers and spray paint which left red stains on the walls, as well as with other objects. At least one window of the HQ was damaged, according to a journalist from the Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

Police spokeswoman Thérèse Leverenz told MDR Sachsen that bottles were also thrown at the police.

Water cannons were used against rioters and at least one suspect was arrested, police said.

A police helicopter was flying over the city when protesters erected several barricades and set them on fire. The barricades were then dismantled by the police.

The Bild newspaper said protesters threw stones at the offices of Commerzbank and Deutsche Bundesbank, as well as at an apartment complex and a fast food restaurant.

The media reported that 5,000 people participated in the march, while police reported that 3,000 people were involved in the procession.

Left-wing activists are calling for the release of a 26-year-old student from Leipzig known as Lina E. who, along with three other defendants, is on trial in Dresden. The group is accused of assaulting several people linked to the right-wing scene between 2018 and 2020.

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