Anthony Fauci, the “health man” of the White House under fire from Republicans – RT in French

In the United States, Doctor Anthony Fauci has been in turmoil since the publication of his 2020 emails by several American media. The “health man” of the White House is accused of reversals by the Republican camp.

Masks, origin of Covid-19 … The Republican camp points the finger at the words of Anthony Fauci in emails exchanged in early 2020, in order to denounce the reversals on the part of the immunologist and White House adviser in matters of health.

At the beginning of June, several thousand emails attributed to the American scientist were made public (although partially redacted) by media such as Buzzfeed, The Washington Post and CNN. They got these emails via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a US law requiring federal agencies to transmit certain documents.

Anthony Fauci was appointed in January 2020 by the US administration to head the United States crisis cell in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic – a position he still occupies after being reappointed under the Biden presidency.

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