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Anne Hidalgo presidential candidate 2022: “The bet”

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On the front page of the press, this Monday, September 13, a lot of French politics with the entries in the race for the Elysee of the socialist Anne Hidalgo and the patron of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen. The appearance in court of Alexandre Benalla, the former “Mr. security” of President Emmanuel Macron. And a seed of a champion.

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On the front page of the press, this morning a lot of French politics.

We start with the candidacy of Anne Hidalgo for the presidential election of next year. “Here, it’s a bet”: the mayor of Paris announced, Sunday, September 12, his decision from the city of… Rouen. Release evokes a “challenge” for the socialist, in a country where “the desire for the left is not obvious”.

According to Libé, “the path to take to bring together the lefts is more tortuous than ever” and “Anne Hidalgo will have to convince that she knows the sunken roads of Corrèze as well as the large asphalted boulevards”. Anne Hidalgo, “in the active phase of acute ‘deparisianization'”: The world observes that no member, or almost, of her Parisian entourage was present in Rouen, and that the candidate preferred to bet on a “France team” made up of socialist mayors, to support her campaign. Its official launch will take place after the vote of the PS activists, at the end of the month, during an internal primary, which could oppose Anne Hidalgo, given from the outset largely winning, to another mayor, that of Le Mans, Stéphane Le Foll .

She also announced her candidacy yesterday. Marine Le Pen, the president of the National Gathering, launches again in the race for the Élysée. The Financial Times underlines his “virulent” attacks against “the arrogant” President Macron and his promise to restore public order in the “narco-dwellings” and “Talibanized” areas. The British daily also reports polls predicting the arrival at the top, in the first round, of the boss of the RN and Emmanuel Macron, whom the candidate presented as the champion of “globalism”. Le Figaro, also relays the polls giving Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron at the head of the first round, but believes that the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen is still “looking for the right tone” against the head of state , “as if she refrained from demonizing Macron so as not to lose the benefits of her own demonization”. Marine Le Pen, whose task could be complicated by the far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour, who has not yet pronounced on his possible candidacy, but who could weaken Marine Le Pen “by making him lose the label of the speech most assumed ‘anti-system’, according to the newspaper.

Emmanuel Macron is not yet officially a candidate, but his entourage is already in the process. Very active since his departure from Matignon, the former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced, Sunday, September 12, that he “will support” the president. A “much awaited clarification”, according to The Parisian, which recalls the speculations on his positioning, and on his possible candidacy, the day after his resignation, in July 2020.

More predictable, the support of the Minister of Education, who says he is ready to “redouble” with Emmanuel Macron, still according to The Parisian. Unsurprisingly, Jean-Michel Blanquer, who has just beaten the record for longevity in his post, praises Emmanuel Macron’s ability to “take decisions in times of crisis”, while lambasting his rivals, future or declared: “the presidential election cannot be a Throne Fair of demagoguery. This statement gives an idea of ​​the probable positioning of the Head of State, tempted to set himself up “as a herald of reason” in the face of populism and “obscurantism”, dixit Opinion, where Kak’s drawing shows Emmanuel Macron hesitating on the path to follow to win a second term and avoid finding himself in the same impasse as his predecessor, François Hollande.

Emmanuel Macron, whose former “Mr. Security” Alexandre Benalla is appearing from today before the courts for violence committed on 1er May 2018 and the fraudulent use of diplomatic passports. For Mediapart, “far from being a series of isolated news items, the Benalla affair (would be) a state affair”, which would have started with “the meteoric promotion, by Emmanuel Macron of a (young man) who, before ‘being appointed to the Elysee, had as professional experience only the police service of the PS, then that of En Marche “. A dazzling career which would remain a “mystery”, just like the disappearance, during the investigation into his actions of the 1er May, from his safe, as well as “the powerful protections” he would have had. “Having penetrated as close as possible to power, Alexandre Benalla had known how to make himself indispensable to the Macron couple, and became the holder of certain secrets. This may explain this”, according to Mediapart.

We do not leave each other on this. What better way to get noticed by recruiters than to dare to compete with the champions? This is the brilliant idea of ​​Xander Graham, a young 12-year-old British cyclist, who distinguished himself on Saturday at the 7e stage of the Tour of Great Britain. While the breakaway of the day was about ten kilometers from the finish, the young boy attempted an attack on the sidewalk, next to the professionals, and even managed to distance them for several tens of meters. His ambition made the runners smile, one of whom offered him his bottle, before letting him stand on the podium. No doubt, in his head, little Xander is already a champion. Read on the Huffington Post.

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