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an association collects foodstuffs to distribute them


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an association collects foodstuffs to distribute them

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France 2 – N.Poitevin, F.Motila, M.Marini, V.Heurtel

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Like every Monday, the 13 Heures takes you to discover French initiatives. Monday September 18, direction Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) where an association helps restaurants to no longer throw anything in the trash.

My idea for France is to promote surpluses from collective catering by distributing them to food aid associations.”specifies Margto Zekri. She decided to wage war on food waste. His job is to save leftovers and unsold items from the trash in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). She first stops at a school canteen to pick up some food. The food is stored in an insulated container in her trunk, the temperature of which she must always check.

Zero carbon approach in the city

The director of the association Miam’Up chain collections, on average eight to nine per day. The donor pays Margaux. For those who receive, everything is free like in a solidarity grocery store visited by Margaux. Volunteers need fresh produce. For a zero-carbon approach, the association called on delivery people on cargo bikes for short trips. This allows more varied meals for the residents who are beneficiaries.

Some canteens also hunt down waste. Guillaume, star on TikTok, be careful of anything that is wasted. To reduce waste, he found the solution: short circuit and as many homemade dishes as possible.