an Algerian tried to attack a police officer with a knife in a police station – RT en français

A 44-year-old Algerian national is in police custody for “attempted murder” after breaking into a police station in Amiens armed with a knife and attempting to assault a police officer, without causing any injuries, a learned from AFP.

An Algerian national appeared a little before 4 p.m. on January 13 in a police station in the city center of Amiens (Somme) while attempting to attack a police officer, according to information from the Amiens prosecutor, Alexandre De Bosschère, contacted by AFP. “He rings the bell at the entrance, and when the policeman present opens the door for him, he rushes towards him with a knife out [sa] direction ”, explained the prosecutor.

“The policeman had the very good reflex of holding him by the arms and backing up and was not hit by the knife. The man was able to be controlled without causing injury, ”he said.

A policeman was “slightly scratched on the finger when withdrawing the weapon, but it is an indirect wound when the author was already held”, he specified.

This man, of Algerian nationality, is “unknown to the police and the courts for offenses”. If his identity is known, his personality and his motivations “must still be specified”, in particular to determine his psychiatric state, continued Alexandre De Bosschère.

This man “made comments” when entering the police station, but “we are not sure” and these “must be corroborated by the witnesses present”, he added.

“What is certain is that we have an assault, with a knife, deliberate on a police officer who was in uniform”, which was “preceded by nothing” and may “have been premeditated”, summed up the magistrate.

The judicial police and the prosecutor’s office in Amiens were seized of the investigation. “Of course, all the useful information goes back to the specialized services, in particular in anti-terrorism [mais] we are for the moment on a qualification of common law, while waiting to know more about his profile, ”he concluded.

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