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Amy Walter and Kay Henderson on voter reaction to the House impeachment inquiry


Amy Walter:

Yes, that doesn’t seem to worry him.

And what I found really interesting, I mean, Kay is sitting in Iowa, so it was there, but I was just reading reports about what was happening at the conference this weekend. And so there was a woman that they interviewed there who, for me, kind of summed up how this issue plays with a lot of Republican voters who identify as pro-life, and who maybe told these pollsters, yes, I support a complete ban.

But when you ask them specifically what you think that actually means, they seem a little less sure about that. She said, yes, abortion is my absolute number one issue. And so the reporter followed up and said, “OK, so how about a federal ban?” She said, well, I don’t know. I could go either way, right?

So I heard that also in focus groups in 2022, where Republicans were saying, “I consider myself pro-life, but I think we should have some exceptions.” So I think the issue may be a little more confusing. And Donald Trump is confident enough in that and in his leadership that even in a state like Iowa, he thinks it’s not going to catch up with him.


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