American justice evokes indictments for “major crimes” – RT en français

While the charges against pro-Trump activists who took over Capitol Hill have so far been relatively straightforward, Federal Prosecutor Michael Sherwin has raised possible charges for “major crimes” such as “sedition.”

The US Department of Justice anticipates “hundreds of indictments”, including some for “sedition”, after the violence on Capitol Hill. Justice has so far retained “the simplest charges to act as quickly as possible”, such as “illegal intrusion” or “unauthorized carrying of weapons”, according to the federal prosecutor in Washington , Michael Sherwin.

But he added that the prosecutions could be reclassified later: “We are considering retaining major crimes such as sedition and conspiracy,” he said at a press conference.

According to him, a cell made up of prosecutors experienced in national security and corruption cases has been formed to prepare such prosecutions, which carry penalties of up to 20 years in prison.

70 people have already been charged, including some figures in the movement such as Jake Angeli, known for his horned headdress, or Richard Barnett, who set foot on the office of Democratic leader in Congress Nancy Pelosi. Homemade bombs had also been discovered near the Capitol, near the offices of the Democratic and Republican parties. “They were real, with real detonators and a retarder,” said Michael Sherwin.

The investigation must determine whether it was a diversion to occupy the Capitol police at the time of the assault or a “more harmful” project. President-elect Joe Biden, for his part, called for the prosecution of all those implicated in acts of “insurgency” on January 6, during the violence which left five dead and deeply shaken the country.

An impeachment “not in the interest” of the nation, according to Pence

Pressured by the Democratic camp who wants to see him leave his post before his official departure scheduled for January 20, the American president for his part considered that there was no chance of seeing him dismissed from his functions before the date. stopper.

“The 25th Amendment poses no risk to me,” Donald Trump said from Alamo, Texas, referring to Democrats’ call for Vice President Mike Pence to declare him unfit for office. And for good reason, the latter refused the call of the Democrats, judging that such an act was “not in the best interest of [la] nation nor does it match[ait] to the Constitution ”.

As for a possible impeachment procedure, it would require the rallying of a good number of elected Republicans to reach the two-thirds majority necessary for its conviction.

“The time for appeasement has come for our country, the time for peace and calm”, added the American president, in a speech with a tone contrasting singularly with that delivered on January 6 in front of his sympathizers just before the assault on the Capitol.

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