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Amazon, the law of the jungle?

It is a group which appears more than ever to gain from the health crisis. Amazon is giving small traders a cold sweat and irritating the European regulator. From e-commerce to series via the Cloud, does Jeff Bezos’ empire deny the law of the jungle? We disentangle the true from the false with Guillaume Grallet of the magazine Le Point and Me Merav Girguer, lawyer specializing in digital law and partner at the Bird & Bird firm.

50% of French businesses digitized in 2021: this is the objective set by Bruno Le Maire. And for good reason: in France, only 1 in 3 VSE-SMEs has its own website, against nearly 80% in Germany. Independent sites are organizing themselves in parallel to provide an answer and an alternative to Amazon. Reportage.

The European Commission has just launched an investigation against Amazon for non-compliance with the competition rules against its retailers. Concretely, what does Commissioner Margrethe Vestager reproach the e-commerce giant? Amazon in Europe, Google in the United States: is anti-trust the nuclear weapon of regulators in the face of platforms? Is there a need for regulation that anticipates the positions taken by Big Techs in the areas they invest? Answers with Me Merav Griguer.

And in our Test24 sequence: a home coach larger than life! Dutch Fittar offers a connected mirror with boxing, pilates or cardio training programs run by a sparring partner in augmented reality. The French Kinomap offers images of landscapes to escape during his cycling or indoor rowing session. Tech offers you a fitness!