Algerian justice confirms prison sentence against Hirak activist – RT en français

Algerian activist Nour El-Houda Oggadi has been confirmed by the courts for a prison sentence, notably for unarmed gathering and insulting officials.

An Algerian court of appeal confirmed on December 6 the sentence to six months in prison, including one month, against the student Nour El-Houda Oggadi, a female figure in the Hirak, the anti-regime protest movement, according to an association.

Originally scheduled for October 25, the appeal trial before the court of Tlemcen (north-west) had been postponed to November 29 because the student had not received a summons to attend the hearing, according to the National Committee for the release of prisoners (CNLD). During the appeal trial, the prosecutor called for a 12-month prison sentence against Nour El-Houda Oggadi who was accused of unarmed assembly, incitement to assembly and contempt and violence against officials.

She was detained on December 19, 2019 before being sentenced to six months in prison, five of which were suspended in February, and being released after the trial at first instance. In the midst of a health crisis, the authorities are increasing the number of detentions and prosecutions of activists, journalists and bloggers in order, according to opponents, to prevent a resumption of Hirak.

90 people imprisoned following the Hirak

Some 90 people are currently imprisoned in Algeria in connection with the Hirak and / or individual freedoms. Prosecutions based, for many, on posts on Facebook criticizing the authorities, according to the CNLD.

Born in February 2019 from a huge fed up with Algerians, the Hirak calls for a profound change in the system in place since independence in 1962. It caused the departure of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika after 20 years in power.

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