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“Alexeï Navalny’s state of health requires urgent medical care”

Tribune. Mr President, at the time of writing, Alexeï Navalny is being held in a penitentiary center described by many lawyers and human rights defenders as one of the strictest in Russia. His state of health is deteriorating rapidly and requires urgent medical attention.

Mr. Navalny has clinical signs of a severe neurological disorder resulting in constant back pain and loss of sensation in his leg and arms. He also suffers from a violent cough and a high fever. As is the right of any Russian citizen, he requested to be examined and treated by a doctor of his choice. After the rejection of this request, on March 30, he went on a hunger strike to protest against this decision.

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We appeal to you, Mr President, to ensure that Mr Navalny immediately receives the competent medical advice and the treatment he urgently needs – and to which he is entitled like any Russian citizen. Elected by Russia and guarantor of the law, it is up to you to enforce it.

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