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News item in Saint-Malo: a tipsy young man calls the police to retrieve his Nazi flag, stolen by a drunk young woman in the street who then qualifies the police officers who intervene as “Nazis”. General custody.

A 22-year-old alcoholic man according to information from West France called the national police on the night of April 16 to 17 to report the theft with assault of its Nazi flag in Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine). A police crew had just spotted a couple in the vicinity whose young woman carried a flag on the back, exhibiting symbols of Nazism. According to the newspaper, she would not have appreciated that the young man carried the flag in the street and had therefore stolen it.

Just as much drink as the young man who had lodged a complaint, she nevertheless showed some vehemence during her exchanges with the police officers: refusing to hand them the flag, she qualified them as “Nazis” and struck a blow. of foot, always according to the same source.

Prosecuted for having insulted and struck a blow to the police, she found the young individual in police custody, where they were both placed. The latter is summoned to appear on prior admission of guilt.

This is a repeat in the case of the man who had already been tried in January for having exhibited, drunk, another Nazi flag in August 2020. He said he regretted his gesture and acted by ” provocation due to alcohol ”. He had been sentenced to 70 hours of community service.

His lawyer had argued in January that the young man had visited friends the day before and had made a bet to go out in the streets of Saint-Malo to show off by displaying this flag.

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