Albuquerque restaurant uses humor to denounce bad online reviews


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A handful of restaurants recently called rude and impatient customers as they faced a staff shortage. But an Albuquerque restaurant tries a different approach, humor.

Old Town Pizza Parlor is understaffed and has been as busy as it has been since the state fully reopened. The owner said they had had a few rude customers and bad reviews because of it. So he gives them a positive twist.

“Sometimes good, and sometimes it’s bad, I think we just wanted to shed some light, it was nothing personal, we just like to have some humorous signs.” said Nilo Gonzalez, owner of Old Town Pizza Parlor. “Relax the mood and just let everyone know that we are human and that we make mistakes and that we are small businesses too. “

If you go to Old Town Pizza Parlor you’ll find a sign outside saying, “We’ve survived a global pandemic, we’ll survive your crappy Yelp review.” Gonzalez said it was all a lot of fun, referring to a few bad Yelp reviews they’ve gotten from customers lately. He said restaurants are doing their best as they try to get back to full capacity.

“People walking in, realize your surroundings, look around, you see everyone running around, the waiters, is it crowded or busy, have a little compassion, have a little patience,” Gonzalez said. “Treat yourself with us. We are all just human beings trying to do our best.

Gonzalez believes his reduced staff has something to do with customer frustration. It currently has six employees. He hopes to increase that number to 18.


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