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The Alabama secretary of state said there had been “zero” modified votes in the 2020 presidential election results in his state. This is a stern rebuke to recent claims by MyPillow CEO and Trump supporter, Mike Lindell, that hackers may have “returned” 100,000 votes in the state using Bluetooth technology.

“We haven’t had any change in the vote. Zero. It is not possible to change a vote, ”said Secretary of State John Merrill, a Republican, told Wednesday. “All of our (voting) machines are custom built. There is no modem component. You cannot influence them through a cell phone or landline. There is no way they can be probed or the numbers manipulated.

On Sunday, Mr. Lindell, a key Trump ally and one of the country’s most vocal proponents of unfounded election plots, posted a video that hailed Alabama as a “role model” in election security, but said nevertheless alleged that its systems had been “hacked … just like every other state.”

“It was the only time we had to dive a little deeper here. On the surface you can’t see where it happened, ”Mr. Lindell said in the video. “What I guarantee they must have done in Alabama was the wrong people… who went further down the well. Very deep into the well of the way they did the flips.

Last week, Mr. Lindell visited senior Alabama officials, including Gov. Kay Ivey, saying he hoped to “test” the state’s voter register.

“It has affected every county in Alabama, it has affected every county in the country,” Mr. Lindell said. The independent in an interview.

He claimed that in every county in the country, the percentages of voters in certain age groups matched their share of the population in the 2010 census, which he said proves some kind of fraud took place. , according to his estimate probably from the Chinese government. .

Mr Lindell said his team checked for perceived irregularities in totals in 22 states and validated them door-to-door, although he did not do such fieldwork in Alabama. Donald Trump or Joe Biden, this is the loss of our country, “he added. Lindell plans to submit a report to the Secretary of State’s office next week.

The independent contacted the Alabama secretary of state for comment.

MAGA supporters have challenged election results across the country – many courts and counts have found virtually all of their hard-hitting voter fraud claims to be false – but so far they have not gone looking for places where Donald Trump won as decisively as Alabama in 2020. The ex-president reclaimed the state with a lead of more than 26 percent on Joe biden, winning more than 500,000 votes more than its rival.

In addition, Alabama has been a leader in restrictive voting rules genre the GOP has lobbied across the country in recent years, following the disappearance of key parts of the voting rights law.

That didn’t stop Mr. Lindell from rushing forward anyway.

The controversial CEO faces a $ 1.3 billion libel lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems for his often unfounded comments about the company’s role in the election, which he counterattacked and claimed violated racketeering laws. (Independent analysis has revealed that the Dominion machines did not reverse the votes or contribute to fraudulent election returns.)

In August, Mr Lindell, who has no cybersecurity experience, hosted a cyber symposium on the 2020 elections and claimed without verifiable evidence that China had committed electoral fraud.

Copies of election software widely used by Dominion Voting Systems disclosed to participants of the event, potentially compromising the voting systems used in around 30 states, according to experts.

“This is a game-changer as the environment we talked about is a reality,” Matt Masterson, a former senior election security official in the Trump administration, told The Associated Press. “We told election officials, basically, that you should assume that this information is already available. Now we know it does and we don’t know what they’re going to do with it.

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