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Alabama, Arizona and Virginia will issue stimulus checks in November


Three states are issuing additional stimulus checks this month, so residents should monitor their bank accounts and mailboxes for the check to be deposited.

Federal stimulus checks ended more than two years ago, but some states continued to offer cash back to residents in the form of tax cuts or inflation aid.

Taxpayers in Alabama, Arizona and Virginia should benefit from the new payments, but they need to know certain dates.


In Alabama, taxpayers can receive up to $300 this month.

Singles will receive $150 while couples filing jointly will receive a $300 payment.

To qualify for the stimulus check, you had to file a 2021 state income tax return by October 17, 2022.

President Joe Biden attends a roundtable discussion on pandemic relief controls March 5, 2021 in Washington, DC. Three states will soon send out a new round of stimulus checks.
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There were, however, certain exceptions to the discount.

Those who have not filed a return or are considered dependent on another taxpayer in 2021 are not eligible.

All checks are expected to be issued beginning Nov. 30, so Alabamans have just under a month to see the money hit their accounts.

If you selected direct deposit on your tax form, your tax refunds will be deposited directly into your account. Those who chose not to deposit directly will receive the money by check.

Alabama is spending a total of $393 million on reimbursements, with the checks coming entirely from a $2.8 billion surplus in the Education Trust Fund. The payments are intended to help residents offset grocery taxes paid throughout the year.

“Thanks to the work of the Alabama Legislature, we continue to make these wise investments while paying down debt, growing our savings and returning money to Alabama’s workers through tax cuts,” he said. Governor Kay Ivey said in a statement.


Arizona is another state offering a version of an updated stimulus check via residents’ tax refunds if they have a registered dependent.

Taxpayers with dependents will receive their tax refund by November 15, but the amount may vary depending on the number of children or dependents you list.

For children under 17, the amount is $250 per person, with a limit of $750 for three dependents. For dependents over 18, the payment is reduced to $100 each.

For Arizona residents with children, the discounts are aimed at combating inflation, which hovers near 4 percent. The state estimates that approximately 750,000 Arizona taxpayers are eligible for this assistance after filing their returns in 2021.

Gov. Katie Hobbs approved the $17.8 billion budget, which called for $260 million to be paid to residents with dependents who filed income taxes for 2019, 2020 or 2021.

If you filed your taxes on time, you can expect the check to be automatically sent to your address or placed in your bank account via direct deposit.


Virginia will also send payments to residents this month, provided they owe taxes in 2022. Checks are expected to be sent by November 30.

A tax debt is an amount of money owed to the government after tax credits have been deducted. Under the rebate program, single filers earn $200 while joint taxpayers earn $400 together.

Payments are expected to be made over the next three weeks.

“We are excited to announce that the tax cuts will begin to be distributed in the coming days,” Gov. Glenn Youngkin said in a statement. “As Virginians continue to face inflation and high prices as a direct result of policies in Washington, D.C., these discounts are an important step heading into the holiday season to help Virginians maintain a more much of their hard-earned money for gas, groceries and basic necessities.”.

In total, Youngkin’s administration has won Virginians more than $5 billion in tax relief, he added.

“We remain committed to lowering the cost of living for working families and veterans across Virginia. It’s their money, not the government’s,” Youngkin said.

If you’ve already filed your taxes, you don’t need to do anything further to get your payment.