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“AI” Named Most Notable Word of 2023 by Collins Dictionary | Artificial Intelligence (AI)


The technology that is set to dominate the future – for better or worse – is now the word of the year. “AI” has been named the most notable word of 2023 by dictionary publisher Collins.

Defined as “the modeling of human mental functions by computer programs,” AI was chosen because it “has accelerated at such a rapid pace and become the dominant conversation of 2023,” the publisher said . Use of the word (strictly an acronym) has quadrupled in the past year.

It was chosen from a list of new terms that the publisher says reflect “our evolving language and the concerns of those who use it.” These include “greed”, defined as “the use of inflation as an excuse to raise prices to artificially high levels in order to increase corporate profits”, and “debanking”, “the ‘act of depriving a person of banking facilities’.

“Nepo baby,” a term used to describe the sons and daughters of celebrities whose careers are said to have taken off thanks to their famous parent, and “disinfluence” were on the list. “‘Disinfluence’ is defined by Collins Lexicographers as “the use of social media to warn followers to avoid certain commercial products, lifestyle choices, etc..” “.

The annual word of the year is selected by lexicographers monitoring various sources, including social media, according to the publisher. Last year’s term was “permacrisis”, while “NFT” was chosen the year before. Unsurprisingly, the word of the year for 2020 was “containment”.

Health concerns were at the forefront in 2023, according to the publisher. “Ultra-processed” foods, that is, foods “prepared using complex industrial methods from multiple ingredients, often including ingredients with little or no nutritional value,” are listed, as is “ semaglutide”, the appetite suppressant drug. Use of the term has tripled in the past year.

The acronym “Ulez” was adopted – the term for an Ultra Low Emission Zone which refers to an area of ​​central London where the most polluting vehicles are restricted.

“Bazball”, a style of Test cricket in which the batting team plays very aggressively, was noted by the dictionary, named after former New Zealand cricketer and coach Brendon “Baz” McCullum. The term “canon event”, “an episode essential to the formation of an individual’s character or identity”, became popular thanks to the film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Alex Beecroft, chief executive of Collins, said there was “no doubt” that AI had been “the talking point of 2023”.

“We know that AI has been in focus this year as it has grown and quickly become as ubiquitous and integrated into our lives as email, streaming or any other once-futuristic, now-future technology daily.”



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