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AI Drake ‘Ghostwriter’ is back with a new song and aims for a Grammy

Ghostwriter, the anonymous creator behind the viral song AI Drake, has released another track – and this time it features the AI-generated vocals of Travis Scott and 21 Savage. In a song titled “Whiplash” posted on TikTok, Ghostwriter leaves a note for both artists at the very end.

“The future of music is here. Artists now have the ability to let their voice work for them without lifting a finger,” Ghostwriter’s post read. “It’s clear that people want this song. Message me on Instagram if you would like to allow me to release this record or if you would like me to delete this post. Ghostwriter adds that if Travis Scott and 21 Savage allow the song to be released, Ghostwriter will pay them royalties.

In addition to releasing a new AI-generated single, THE New York Times reports that Ghostwriter is also submitting “Heart on My Sleeve” for a Grammy in two categories: best rap song and song of the year – and it might actually have a shot at qualifying. Harvey Mason Jr., the CEO of the Recording Academy (which is responsible for the Grammys), told the New York Times that “as far as the creative side is concerned, it’s absolutely eligible because it was written by a human”.

However, “Heart on My Sleeve” still has to meet “general distribution” standards that require availability in physical stores nationwide, at online retailers, or in streaming services, something a song faces issues with. copyrights might have trouble.