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Ahmed Musa: What’s next after the West Bromwich Albion snob?

Super Eagles captain is without a club after struggling Baggies choose not to sign him, and it’s unclear where he’s going from here

As fans and watchers await the release of Gernot Rohr’s latest list of calls for international assignments for March, the biggest intrigue concerns the status of veteran striker Ahmed Musa.

The quick winger is currently without a club, and if Rohr has been hesitant to show his hand and rule him out permanently on that basis, the decision will prove instructive.

It’s a talking point that has been grabbed by fierce criticism of the German coach, and if he decides to hold Musa back, he will undoubtedly be used both as a stick to beat him and as proof. of his hypocrisy and his favoritism. , as he previously emphasized the primacy of good club form.

On a lighter note, however, the trend away from playing the Nigerian captains is likely to continue.

If you are Ahmed Musa, you are calm about everything.

We are talking, after all, of a player whose career began over ten years ago. He has participated and scored in two World Cups, captained his national team and played at the highest level of European club football: the Champions League. He has also already followed the well-worn late-career path of financial consolidation in the Middle East, where he ran for Al-Nassr until the end of his contract and his release in late 2020.

There isn’t much left for him to realistically accomplish in football.

Of course, his time in the Premier League hasn’t gone so well, but no one will be more aware of his limitations as a player than the man himself. He just wasn’t good enough to make a mark in this league, and it showed on a few occasions when he shot Leicester blue.

However, that doesn’t detract from the kind of career he’s had as a whole.

However, for all that, he is still a player who is only 28 years old. It’s very young, even taking into account that starting at a very young age put extra mileage on the engine. Apart from serious injury cases limiting a player, this is – in theory at least – the best of a footballer, the point in his career in which he should become his own, having honed and perfected his art to the maximum.

Why then does it seem, in Musa’s case, that he’s closer to retirement than a second wind?

Ahmed Musa: What’s next after the West Bromwich Albion snob?

It has been months since he left his contract in Saudi Arabia, yet the former CSKA Moscow player has yet to find a new club.

To be clear, he is a seasoned international, captain of his national team and one of the fastest footballers in the game at one point.

The most concrete ties have seen him join the Premier League rescue mission to West Bromwich Albion, which happily signed Robert Snodgrass, 33, from West Ham in January, but is said to have expressed skepticism about levels of form appearance of Musa during a trial.

Not at all pleasant to read.

So what’s next for Ahmed Musa? Retirement?

Ahmed Musa: What’s next after the West Bromwich Albion snob?

Surely not. One could perhaps explain the time of his career early by pointing out that it is best to leave when the ovation still rings out in the room, but that is hardly the case here: Musa’s last significant footprint on football was his brace against Iceland in the last World Cup, and that was almost three years ago.

But realistically, what else is there?

Whatever postulation one may make, it’s important to remember that, without the clubs showing any real interest, it all amounts to less than a hill of beans. What would potential suitors get now?

Musa is still quick, but never had the tight control, associative play, or decision-making to be a constant threat at a high level when played on a large scale. As part of a big man-little man combo from the start where he could focus on doing shoulder runs, maybe, but that’s a very special attacking strategy to adopt in football. modern.

In many ways, Musa is something of a timeless man, in both senses of the word: he obviously doesn’t fit into any major place, and spending time on the shelf won’t do. much to fix this. However, there are also few obvious solutions.


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