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after Uruguay, the French want to find color against Namibia

Axel May // Photo credit: David Rogers / GETTY IMAGES EUROPE / Getty Images via AFP

After a lackluster match against Uruguay, France will be keen to shine against Namibia this Thursday evening. In front of the Marseille public, the Blues intend to put on a show for the spectators and achieve a hands-down victory.

Before hosting Pope Francis’ mass on Friday, the Vélodrome stadium will make France vibrate this Thursday evening, on the occasion of the meeting between France and Namibia, for the Rugby World Cup. But before kick-off at 9 p.m., French supporters expect a start from the Blues.

Because if the French rugby team started the competition brilliantly, against Uruguay last week, the Blues were more feverish. So for this meeting, the French will be keen to make people forget their difficult match last week.”We have a heart to show a face that suits us, we want to put on a successful, clean performance, which corresponds to what “we can and what we know how to do,” explains second row Thibaud Flament.

Return of injuries

Fabien Galtier recalled his executives left to rest against Uruguay, in particular third row Charles Ollivon who is hoping for a great victory. “Are we going to be a hit? We’re going to focus first on winning the match, building our victory and obviously we’re going to give our all to do things we’ve been working on all along. week, and come out of the match with a banana,” he explains.

So enjoy yourself, but also leave an impression and experience. In short, to give a spectacle to the public at the Vélodrome, and allow pillar Cyril Baille and center Jonathan Danty, returning from injuries, to finally make their debut in this World Cup.


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