after the announcements of Emmanuel Macron, the prescriptions of Jean Castex

“It is not the state that strikes, it is the virus. “ It is in this spirit that Jean Castex and his government tried, Thursday, October 15, to install in the daily life of nearly a third of the population the curfew announced the day before by the Head of State, accompanied by a series of restrictions for all. The speech of the Prime Minister was sometimes in the order of plea in front of a population whose executive fears mistrust; it has, above all, introduced a severe turn of the screw in private lives, going as far as the return of the emblematic exit authorization, which has become for many French people a symbol of confinement and its bureaucratic excesses.

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The head of state set the tone on Wednesday: reduce “Our somewhat useless contacts (…) the most festive “ and continue “To have a social life at work, where we know how to protect”. It only remained for the government to specify the useful and the unnecessary, the rule and its exceptions. Result: “At 9 pm, everyone should be at home” in Ile-de-France and in the metropolitan areas of Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Saint-Etienne, Aix-Marseille, Rouen and Grenoble. Of course, there are exceptions: for health reasons, to go to or from work, to take a train or a plane arriving or leaving after 9 p.m. (the ticket being proof), to go to a dependent relative and, finally , to walk your dog or other “Pet”.

State of emergency throughout the country

It was the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who was responsible for announcing the return of the travel certificate, available soon on the website of his ministry and valid for one hour for non-professional outings. “Of course, we can always continue to write on free paper”, said Mr. Darmanin. In addition to the municipal police, some 12,000 police officers and gendarmes will monitor the curfew every night, its failure to be punishable by a fine of 135 euros, or even, in the event of three consecutive offenses, six months in prison and 3,750 euros. fine. A handful of establishments will be able to remain open: health, police, reception of the most precarious, but also hotels and restaurants providing home delivery.

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Beyond the nine critical areas (this group may be enlarged according to the evolution of the epidemic), the entire national territory enters a state of health emergency this Saturday, a status which is accompanied by new restrictions. No more private parties, such as weddings, held in establishments open to the public, although civil and religious ceremonies remain possible, masked and distanced. In all restaurants, the health protocol in force until then in the only alert zones (frost, distance of one meter, registration of the names of customers and limit of six guests) will now prevail.

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