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After outrage, comment on SHOOTING Republicans disowned by Free Press, a group that petitioned the FCC for “structurally racist” media – RT USA News

Free Press, which appealed to federal regulators for “remedial action” against “structural racism” in the US media, disavowed a comment submitted in its petition that spoke of shooting Republicans as a solution.

The group has led more than 100 “Community organizations and leaders” Monday asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to investigate “The history of racism in its media policies and identify the remedial measures it can take to correct the structural racism that exists in the American media system”.

Among the comments included in the Free Press (FP) letter, however, there was one that claimed “Christians own most of our media” violated the “Separation of Church and State” and asked “Are we going to have to shoot the Republicans [sic] to regain our democracy?

This was revealed on Wednesday by Nathan Leamer, who previously worked for former FCC chairman Ajit Pai. Responding to people who said they hadn’t seen the comment anywhere, Leamer posted photos of FP’s cover letter and the corresponding page as evidence.

Several hours later, Free Press acknowledged the authenticity of the comment, but said it “Does not tolerate this individual’s statement or violence of any kind” as a group that has been “Subjected to hate speech” in the past.

” It came [Free Press’] beware that violent and inappropriate comments were included in the comments of a petition submitted to the FCC ”, said the group. “We deeply regret that this incident has occurred and plan to remove the inappropriate individual comment and take steps to closely review the public comments we collect for submission to the FCC and to ensure that it does not happen again. . “

The comment was of particular concern as a Republican House leader was literally gunned down in June 2017, by a Democratic activist from Illinois. James Hodgkinson approached a baseball field in Alexandria, Va., And opened fire on Republican lawmakers and staff training for the annual charity baseball game. He injured House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana), a staff member and a lobbyist before being killed by two Capitol Hill police officers.

In August 2020, Antifa activist Michael Reinoehl ambushed and shot Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, a supporter of President Donald Trump, after a protest in Portland, Oregon.

Free Press, however, maintained its petition that the FCC should “Recognize that its policies and practices are the primary reason that deep structural inequalities exist in the media and telecommunications industries that have harmed the black community.” “

The agency failed to create “A racially fair media system” in the United States and must “Start to chart the way towards a future rich in repairs”, said the letter.

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Decades of FCC policies have resulted in “Inequitable access to media ownership opportunities for black, indigenous and Afro-Latinx communities”, according to the letter, which asked “Reparations for the anti-Black history of the American media system. “

In addition to Free Press, the letter was signed by the African American Policy Forum, Color Of Change, Common Cause, GLAAD, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the National Newspaper Publishers Association, the Open Technology Institute of New America. Foundation, UltraViolet Action and Writers. Guild of East America.

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