“Acid-spitting land lobsters” and 12 other terrifying, weird and amazing creatures

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I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of the Murder Hornet Saga of 2020, but you should know that 2021 tries to overtake what seemed uptoppable – providing us (or at least Texas) with the emergence of a type of arachnidsome people affectionately call “Acid-spitting land lobsters”. ‘”To be fair, tThis is not a completely accurate description of this creature … well, except for all of the acid.

As Big Bend National Park explains:

Summer rains bring vinegars out of their burrows in search of food and love. Vinegars are about 3 inches long and are relatively mild, unless you bother them. They can pinch with their heavy mouthparts (pedipalps) and shoot a well-targeted spray of acetic acid (vinegar) at 85% of the base of their “whip” to protect themselves.

Anyway, these awesome guys made me think of a subreddit that I particularly enjoy, called Animals that I didn’t know existed. Here, redditors are posting all kinds of weird, scary, and otherwise amazing creatures that we definitely have does not have know how to exist. Let’s see a few, okay?


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