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accused of proselytizing, a teacher comments on his rehabilitation – RT in French

Sanctioned for having made his students work on the Bible, Matthieu Faucher went through a legal storm that blew up to the Ministry of National Education. He won his case before the Bordeaux Administrative Court of Appeal.

“[Matthieu] Faucher did not, at any time, manifest any religious belief in the exercise of his teaching duties “: the administrative court of appeal of Bordeaux ordered, on December 17, 2020, the lifting of the sanctions taken at the against the teacher Matthieu Faucher who, in 2017, had been subject to a disciplinary transfer for having made his students work on texts from the Bible. Matthieu Faucher, returned today to the antenna of RT France on this “crazy procedure” launched against him.

The professor recounted having offered the students “twenty or so texts from the Old and New Testaments, straddling the Jewish and Christian religions”, mostly taken from school textbooks.

“My idea was to provide my students with a culture they need, which is absolutely necessary to understand our history, our civilization, our literature,” said the teacher, defining the Bible as one of the “foundations of our civilization” .

“If in 20 years no one is able to understand a line of Victor Hugo, as a teacher I will feel responsible”, he justified.

The teacher says today he feels “a great relief and at the same time a feeling of deep waste”. He declared that he was unable to answer the question of whether he would return to his establishment in Malicornay (Indre) where he taught CM1 and CM2 students.

If in 20 years no one is able to understand a line of Victor Hugo, as a teacher I will feel responsible

The professor had been accused anonymously in 2016 of religious proselytism for his presentation of text of the Bible to children. He was then subject to a disciplinary transfer in connection with this case.

In 2019, after having been cleared for the first time by the administrative court of Limoges (Haute-Vienne), the case took a national turn with an appeal filed, according to the teacher, by the office of the Minister of National Education against this decision.

Definitely out of the question, the teacher now judges that his case has revealed a “serious dysfunction in the hierarchy” of National Education.