Abduction of Mia: the suspects presented this Sunday to an examining magistrate – France

The custody of suspects, apprehended Wednesday and Thursday, had been extended for the first time by 24 hours. These extensions were renewed at the request of the Nancy prosecutor, François Pérain. The Nancy public prosecutor’s office is now seized of this case, the qualification of “kidnapping of a 15-year-old minor in an organized gang” requiring a specific competence which is deprived of the court of Epinal, seized initially. Four days after Mia’s kidnapping, the 8-year-old and her mother, Lola Montemaggi, 28, have still not been found.

The mother supported by her father

The father of the young woman, Claude Montemaggi, however, gave her support on Saturday, in an interview in Vosges Matin. “I approve of what she did, it is very courageous”, he declared, considering that it was “unfair” to have withdrawn her the custody of the child, entrusted to his grandmother. kindergarten since January.

Claude Montemaggi said he was “relieved” that his daughter, whom he now imagines abroad, “was able to find the support of organized people, who did not hesitate to take risks for her”.

Aged 23 to 60 years old and without a criminal record, the four suspects placed in police custody in this case were arrested Wednesday and Thursday, in Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis) and Meurthe-et-Moselle.

Little Mia was kidnapped on Tuesday by three men, by cunning and without violence, while she was staying in Poulières, a Vosges village, located about thirty kilometers from Epinal, with her maternal grandmother. The latter was designated in January “trusted third party” by justice.

The alleged kidnappers claimed to have acted at the request of the mother of the child who wanted to recover her daughter.

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